Frequently asked questions

Are the rented bikes insured?

No. We advise you to take your own travel insurance before arrival that also covers the unlikely event of bike theft. Bike theft is not a big problem in Slovenia except in Ljubljana, which is notorious for it.

How about minor damage to bikes?

Normal wear & tear up to a cost of 10 € is covered by us.

Can we bring our own pedals?

Yes you can, but also bring your own pedal wrench to attach / detach them. We have some pedals available but if you intend to use your own cycling shoes, you'd better also bring your matching pedals.

Do I have to leave a cash deposit?


What if it rains the whole week and I wish to return my bike before the end of the rental period?

In that case we'll refund half of your remaining rental sum.

Can I choose delivery point and time?


What happens if my bike breaks down?

We have partner repair shops all over Slovenia where you can get help. We provide service vouchers which cover costs in case the problem is our fault. Otherwise you need to pay for the repair yourself. If close to Bled / Ljubljana region, give us a call and we'll bring you a replacement bike.

If I forget something, do you have a bike shop too?

Yes, with limited choice. There is also a bigger specialized shop in Radovljica, some 8 km from Bled.